You bought your dress in an online store or in a boutique that doesn’t offer professional alterations in house, or you inherited it from your grandmother… You definitely want to have your wedding gown fitted and altered to fit you perfectly by experienced and trustworthy specialists - bring your wedding gown to our studio! We offer all kinds of bridal alterations such as take in sides, replace zipper by a lace-up back, shortening and lengthening hem, bustling, adding sleeves, beading, adding bra-pads, etc… Most of the dresses can be altered to fit you. If you plan to purchase your dress online and have it altered afterwards, please, take into account that it is always easier to take in the gown than let it out. For the perfect result please purchase a gown no more than 2 sizes larger than your size. Please visit us at least 6 weeks before the wedding. You will most likely need 2 fittings, if you feel that the dress still doesn’t fit perfectly you may need to schedule one more fitting session. In any case, we recommend having your dress ready 2 weeks before your wedding. Need it quicker? No problem – we can do it! Rush service is available for 20% fee.

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To make sure that we are available and have enough time to offer you a perfect service, please call or email to book an appointment or book an appointment online. Phone : 510 648 2450 Email: We recommend coming in 4-6 weeks prior to your wedding. We also offer rush service for additional 20% fee. We are open Monday through Friday from 11 am to 5 pm and on Saturdays morning.


Alteration Plain fabric Lace/beading
Hem ( with horsehair braid) $100 $150 and up
Hem with long train $130 $180 and up
Additional hem layer $25-40
Take in / let out in sides $40-80 $80 and up
Insert extra side panels $80 $100 and up
Take in at center-back zipper $50 $80 and up
Replace zipper by lace-up back $100 $150 and up
Shoulder adjustment $40 $60 and up
Bustle train up to 4 points $40
Each additional bustling point $10
Add bra-cups $25
Modesty panel $30 $50 and up
Make bridal buttons each $3
Sew bridal buttons $2


The most common type of bridal gown alterations is shortening hem, price ranging from $100 to $250. Usually bridal gowns hems are reinforced with plastic webbing / horsehair braid that give the rounded shape to the hem and prevents it from twisting. Some of the dresses may have lace and beads running along the hemline. Replacing the lace and beading will add up more work to your seamstress, therefore the price will be higher and impossible to estimate without having the actual dress. Most of wedding gowns have several layers on fabric- self, underlining, lining, attached tulle petticoat…. Each layer will need to be shortened individually and the price will depend on the fullness of the dress and fabrics used.
Taking dress in / out
A wedding gown is surely the most beautiful dress in your life and it must fit as a glove! That is why most of the brides will need their dresses adjusted at sides, especially for strapless gowns. The price for this kind of alteration will depend on fabric, on how many seams will need to be take in or let out, the length of seams, ad of course – if there is any lace and beading on top of the self-fabric. This can range from $100 to $200. If boning is involved, the dress may need to be deconstructed and then put back together, which can greatly increase the price range. (Keep in mind that it’s generally easier to take a dress in than to let it out.)
If your dress is too tight at the bodice, inserting extra side panels may be recommended. Provided matching fabric and lace we will be able to do that.
Sometimes we would need to take in your dress at zipper. It can be invisible zipper or lapped zipper and it also may have buttons stitches along it. If the dress seam allowances do not allow make it larger, or if you want a “tighter” look of the dress on you, we recommend replacing the center-back zipper by lace-up back. If you need a modesty panel – a separate panel that covers the back so that the skin is not visible – we can make it for you. Depending what needs to be done, center-back adjustment cost will range from $50 to $150
Shoulders and sleeves
Each dress will need to be examined to determine what the price is for shoulder and sleeve adjustments. To shorten or adjust the sleeves can also be between $50 and $100, as long as there isn’t too much ornamentation on this area, which can make this more time intensive and therefore more expensive.
We can also add lace cape sleeves to your strapless gown or corset.
Lace and beading
In case when your wedding gown is beaded at top or at the hem-line, please be ready that the price for the alteration will be higher than for a plain gown. When we alter your lace and beaded dress we try to preserve the look of the lace intact, so we will unstitch it and then sew it back in place. Sometimes in this process some beads will need to be removed and then embroidered back onto the dress – expect the price to rise again. We will only be able to tell you the exact price when we carefully check the dress, but in the meantime please check the estimated prices for lace and beaded dress alterations. On average you will see the price increase at least 35-50%.
Bra-pads If you do not plan to wear a corset underneath the gown or a strapless bra, you may want to consider adding bra-pads for $25 - $35.
Buttons Do you want to replace or add bridal buttons to your dress for royal look! We can do that, provided with the matching fabric. Price $3 - $5 per each button.
Bustle If you bridal dress has a train, even a short one, you do not want it to be in your way and trip over it when you dance with you groom! We can create bustle pints so that you can pick it up when needed. Depending on the dress fabric and the length of the train you may need 3-4 bustle points, sometimes more and up to 20. We will drape your dress needs during the fitting session and will recommend the best bustling option. This ranges from $40 to $100.
How much will I have to pay for alterations? What you will spend on your wedding dress alterations will depend on so many factors. The type of fabric of your style, the style, and the amount of ornamentation it has and exactly how extensive your changes will all make a big difference in what you will spend. On the very low end, most brides spend at least $100 on their alterations, but if the dress needs any extensive work, the overall price can end up being $500 or even more.