Wedding Gown Redesign

Wedding Gown Redesign is a great option for brides who would like to transform a vintage gown new and up-to-date wedding gown, while preserving the history and heirloom memories.

We can alter sleeves and trims, remove a train, change the silhouette of a gown, and keep some part of the gown and change others….

It is also a great option for the bride who knows what her dream wedding gown is, but can’t find it in stores. Just find a dress that's close to your ideal gown and let us transform it into your dream wedding gown changing or adding details and embellishment that you like.

If you have a wedding gown you would like to consider for your special wedding day, the options are truly limitless. Whether the gown is a vintage bridal gown that has true sentimental value, or a newer wedding dress that you just want turned into something special, VioGemini has the team of seamstresses capable of nearly any redesign task... of course led by wedding gown designer Violetta Vieux!

How re-styling a gown works

You have decided to use your grand-mother’s wedding gown for something old and to preserve the heirloom memory of it and pass it to the next generation… Or, you have been searching for your dream gown but none of the dresses that you found in store or online have all those special details that you like… No problem, we can help you transform a vintage or new wedding gown into that dress of your dreams. We can make the changes accordingly to your sketch / inspirational pictures or suggest new flattering design elements for your gown. In order to fully understand the process, policies, and what you can expect from us, please read the following information:

1. Get Started!

To make sure that we are available and have enough time to offer you a perfect service, please call or email to book an appointment .
We recommend you to contact us at least 4 months before the wedding. Please call for an appointment 3 to 4 weeks in advance of the actual needed appointment date.
We also offer 4 weeks rush service for extra 25% of the total cost of the gown.
Phone: 510 648 2450
Open hours: Monday through Friday from 10am to 5pm. Saturday morning by appointment only.

2. First meeting:

Come in for your scheduled consultation.  During this initial consultation you will get into your wedding gown and we will go over everything that needs to be done.
When we agree on the final design of the dress and embellishments the price will be determined and a 50% deposit will be required to be paid at this moment. You will pay the rest on your second fitting appointment.
Once the design has been determined and the deposit paid we will take your measurements and schedule our next appointment for the first fitting session.

Some things to bring to all of your appointments:

  • The dress to be redesigned
  • Pictures and ideas of what you have in mind
  • If you are going to wear any shaping undergarments or corset and you have it, please bring it with you.
  • You can have a friend or two with you at the first consultation.

3. Second fitting:

You are going to try on your wedding dress again. We will check the fit if the dress and anything that needs to be changed. You will see how your dress looks like on you and if you would like to change anything in the design of the dress – this is when you can still do that, although extra fee may be added in some cases. This fitting session is quite technical, so you do not need really to bring your friends this time. It is not unusual that you may need to come in for another fitting. If necessary, we will set up another an appointment for the next fitting, or to pick up the dress. Some things to remember as you come in for your fittings:

  • Please bring your undergarments and bridal shoes that you are going to wear at your wedding.
  • Remember what you originally said you had wanted. Changes can be made, but only within reason.
  • Please let us know if there is any concern. At this stage we can still do alterations and changes to the dress.
  • Please remember also that your final payments must be made by this time as well so don't forget your cash/check or credit card.

4. Getting your dress.

At this appointment you may need to get into your dress again – just to see how lovely it fits you! We will return your dress in the same garment bag in which it was brought to us. You can also purchase a new garment bag or hanger from us. Please make sure you have enough room in your car!
You can bring as many friends for this last appointment and share your excitement with them!
We do press the parts of the dress on which the work has been done, but your dress may still need to be fully pressed. We offer bridal gown and veil pressing for extra fee. In this case please schedule an appointment to pick up your gown at a later date within one week.


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